Latest Nightmare on Smith Street and 9th.

Dear Supporter,

In our latest efforts to advocate for this end of Carroll Gardens, and following our impact on the West 9th street proposal, we have just been notified that  a  live music/bar outdoor venue slated to cater to up to as many as 4,500 people a night is at the brink of opening at  226-242 Huntington Street; this is the site of Quadrozzi Concrete Corporation just next to the Smith and 9th street subway.  That is 4500 patrons, all of whom can spill out on your doorstep all night long, drinking, yelling and looking for fun, leaving their trash and sleepless nights on their trail.

And, all the operators need to open their doors in May 20113,  their projected opening, is to get approval from the Community Board 6 permits and licensing committee for a liquor license, along with a Temporary Place of Assembly from the DOB.

If we want any control, we have to make noise now. If not, our  summer is over before it began.

Here’s what you and your neighbors have to do! (forward this email to other residents and listserves.)


1) Do everything you can to attend the CB6 meeting where they decide on the Liquor License,

The permits and licenses hearing of CB6.

When: April 22nd at 6.30 pm
Where: Old First Reformed Church,
729 Carroll st. Corner of 7th ave.

2) Make your voice heard even sooner by going to the

76th Police Precinct Community Affairs meeting

When: Wednesday April 10th, 6.30 pm
Where: 65 6th Avenue, Court room

And Let everyone know right away your concerns, write, phone or email TODAY the follow three government agencies. We need letters and calls all week.

Contact City Agencies:

Craig Hammerman ;
250 Baltic Street
Brooklyn ,  New York 11201-6401
T: (718) 643-3027
F: (718) 624-8410

Captain Jeffrey Schiff (718 834-3207)
Community Affairs Unit (718 834 3207
191 Union St, Brooklyn 11231

Department of Buildings. Brooklyn Borough Office: TELL THEM NO TO ANY TPA PERMIT/ (TEMPORARY PLACE OF ASSEMBLY)
Ira Gluckman, R.A., Borough Commissioner
Borough Commissioner: (718) 802-3677 & (718) 802-3676
John Gallagher, R.A., Deputy Borough Commissioner
210 Joralemon Street, 8th Fl.
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Sign our petition


Forward this email to your Neighbor today.
Thanks CCG

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Update: CCG versus The City of New York

On friday, the 15th of March, CCG was scheduled to appear in court again, with our request for discovery. On Thursday, At the request of the Lawyers for the City, the case was adjourned to a later date. As soon as we have an update on the next scheduled date we will let you know.

The TRO remains in place. (link)

The legal case continues to be the strongest avenue we have to stop the proposal for 165 west 9th st. It has put the spotlight on the illegal and unsafe conditions that underlie this proposal, the unsavory actors and back deal agreements that allow landlords and others to profiteer, and the DHS’s avoidance of due process.

The continuation of the case is a sign of our success, but it also means more research, legal fees and court appearances. Please donate to our legal fund to keep this case alive. Lapes and his cronies will not go away if we don’t keep them out.

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CB6 Transit Committee Meeting to address the Culver Viaduct Rehabilitation work (Smith & 9th st subway station included)

Due to the impact that CCG has had on the proposed West 9th St. shelter, many residents have asked us to take on additional community issues of importance. To the best of our ability, CCG will provide information on other pertinent issues that impact South Carroll Gardens.

In light of persistent concerns we have heard from some of you about the State of Culver Viaduct Project (the length and duration of this project, its disruption, and our lack of subway station without clear updates or news), we are alerting you about the Transport Committee, Community Board 6, meeting  where this will be discussed.

When: Thursday, March 21st at 6.30 PM

Where: Good Shepherd Services, Family Reception Center, 441 4th Avenue (corner of 9th st), Brooklyn 11215 (Google Map)

Present: Community Board 6, and Representatives from New York City Transit

As many of you have been concerned about the state of Smith street during this project, the continuing deterioration of the surrounding area and the slow progress being made, we urge you to attend and make your voice heard.

Thanks !

Please donate to our legal fund (CCG versus the City of New York) here. Please forward this information to your neighbor.


De Blasio returns 15G to Alan Lapes

NY Post 12:42 AM, February 15, 2013

Public Advocate Bill de Blasio has quietly decided to return thousands of dollars of campaign contributions from one of the city’s largest operators of homeless shelters, The Post has learned.

“I just made the decision that it was smart to give it back and move on,” de Blasio said.

Records show he accepted $14,850 from Alan Lapes and his wife, Cindy, both for this year’s mayoral campaign and to retire debt from 2009.

Lapes, who runs about 20 shelters, has come under intense scrutiny after residents on the Upper West Side and in Carroll Gardens made outcries about shelters going into their neighborhoods.

De Blasio disclosed he was giving back the money only after an inquiry by The Post.

He declined to elaborate whether he knew Lapes’ background before accepting the contributions.

“Again, I’ve just made the decision to return the money and that’s all I have to say,” de Blasio responded when that question was posed.

Elected officials request rejection of controversial contracts

Two letters, sent jointly by Councilmember Brad Lander, State Senators Squadron and Montgomery, Assemblywoman Millman, and the Brooklyn Borough President requesting rejection of an extension of DHS emergency declaration, as well as the proposed contract for 165 West 9th Street in Brooklyn. The letters are addressed to Comptroller Liu, as well as the City’s Corporation Counsel, which receives the contract before the Comptroller and also has the power to reject it.

Click Here for Letter to Michael Cardozo

Electeds letter to Corp Counsel re 165 W 9th_Page_1

Click Here for letter to Comptroller Liu

Electeds letter to Comptroller Liu re 165 W 9th St_Page_1

News alert: NYTimes exposes Lapes as a profiteer, Liu stands up to City Hall and Lander is on board

This week has unfolded at a breakneck pace culminating in a frontpage article in the NYTimes exposing Alan Lapes (landlord of 165 West 9th st) and his profiteering through sweetheart deals with the DHS (Link).  The article spotlights the excessive payments made to Lapes and the sleazy tactics he uses to get rid of  rent stabilized tenants, replacing them with homeless residents while miserable conditions propagate in his buildings, all the while failing to deliver the full range of social services that are part of the  operator’s contractual obligations.

Screen Shot 2013-02-09 at 10.24.50 AM

Meanwhile, after launching a new audit of Aguila on the 1st of Feb, this Thursday Comptroller Liu rejected a city contract to open a 200 bed shelter in the Bronx citing lack of community input and due process as major concerns. (Link) Sound familiar?

Our councilman , Brad Lander,  has been working with other elected officials, to highlight the emergency contracts that have allowed this abuse of power to proliferate . He has written directly to Comptroller Liu to ask him to stop these “emergency” contracts now.

We will keep you updated as more unfolds. CCG’s legal case continues as we fight to stop Lapes from making Carroll Gardens the next stop for his mega shelter empire. The Judge granted CCG the time to ask for discovery. This means we need money NOW.


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NY Times: For Some Landlords, Real Money in the Homeless

New York Times Article by Joseph Berger.

Screen Shot 2013-02-09 at 10.24.50 AMHighlights:

“The city needs to make sure there’s affordable housing instead of waiting for shysters to come forward to make thousands of dollars off these poor unfortunate people,” State Assemblywoman Linda B. Rosenthal, a Manhattan Democrat, said at the meeting, promising to push for reforms. “Getting rid of the profit motive will reduce some of the bad actors.”

At several of Mr. Lapes’s shelters, tenants — both homeless and longer-term residents — say the buildings are often characterized by violence, drug-use, mice, broken elevators, periods without heat and hot water, and violations of fire safety laws.

Aguila, which recently merged with Housing Solutions, is run by Robert V. Hess, a former commissioner of homeless services. Several elected officials have raised concerns, saying that Mr. Hess, as a commissioner, approved previous deals with Mr. Lapes.

The model being used by Mr. Lapes, clearing out lower paying tenants, was also pursued by Mr. Podolsky and family members. In the late 1980s, Mr. Podolsky, his father and his brother, pleaded guilty to charges by the Manhattan district attorney’s office that they used threats and violence to drive tenants out…

“The crisis that’s causing the city to open so many new shelters is mostly of the mayor’s own making,” he said. “Instead of moving families out of shelters and into permanent housing, as previous mayors did, the city is now paying millions to landlords with a checkered past of harassing low-income tenants and failing to address hazardous conditions.”

For more information about the Corruption:
Housing Solutions is NOT a good neighbor. Keep them out of Carroll Gardens.

News Alert: Under Pressure, Liu Orders Another Audit for Aguila

Dear Supporter

First of all, thank you again for all the letters and emails you have sent the Comptroller’s office. And you are not the only ones: on the Upper West Side, in Manhattan, a 400 bed shelter, with owner operators Alan Lapes/Housing Solutions/Aguila opened in the middle of night through emergency procurement in fall 2012, provoking community outrage. Last week, at a community meeting, elected officials slammed Seth Diamond, the DHS commissioner, for its stealth practices that permitted the agreement and signing of a permanent four year contract worth 4.7 million dollars without any real public debate or notification. At $3300.00 a month per small two person bathroom-less rooms, that’s a huge windfall for landlord Alan Lapes, who state senator Linda Rothenthal openly called a scum landlord at the meeting (Read more about the west side situation and meeting here ). Residents and Elected Officials are also contacting the Comptroller and urging him to stop these secret deals.

Alan Lapes, the owner of 165 west 9th st knows where the money is. As the landlord, he stands to receive $250,000.00 a month for turning over his building to DHS;  this is five times the market rent for squeezing 170 men into this ten unit building. Our community cannot let that happen. If we do, we can only expect miserable conditions and constant complaints. As already is happening at 95th st, and at his notorious Aladdin Shelter on 45th st.

collapsed ceilings(Photo Credit – 45th st block association from Inside the Aladdin,where residents say rats, roaches, and overflowing toilets are common in the shared bathrooms. Some toilet tanks take 10-15 minutes to fill before they can be used again. find more photos at
Our actions continue to put the heat on. Last Friday, Comptroller Liu launched a new audit of Aguila with the following statement:

“The City has a poor history of minding the cash register when it comes to Aguila’s unsubstantiated bills,” Comptroller Liu said. “In a Nov. 2011 audit, we called on DHS to recoup more than $1 million from Aguila and examine another $9 million in bills to see whether taxpayers were entitled to claw back even more. Since then, DHS and Aguila have made some assurances that the problems are fixed. We’ll believe it when we see it. On Friday, we launched another audit into DHS’ billing and payments to Aguila.”

Lapes, Podolsky and the DHS know that they can’t just pull the wool over everyone’ eyes. CCG has stalled their plans for 165 west 9th st so far with the TRO in place. We can expose the miserable deal makings and follow the money. Homelessness deserves a real debate that helps the homeless.

CCG Brooklyn: Donate to keep the legal case going. We need your donations now. DONATE HERE

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